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About Roxanne

My entire life has been steeped in traumatized people. As a result, I’ve found myself swept up in trauma/drama loops more times than I'd like to count. For years, I drifted aimlessly from one bad situation to another until I realized (and truly acknowledged) that my life sucked and I desired big changes.

I studied energetic modalities and worked with dozens of mentors since my epiphany to learn how to regulate the nervous system through giving/receiving touch therapies. I began studying the art of reading body language through social cues. I learned how to energetically read the intentions of others and myself. Along the way, I’ve also learned what my values are and how to process what happens around me in life in the most grounded ways possible.

If something doesn't work for you, don't do it!

Actively practicing tools for connecting with my body and the Earth has been the fastest, easiest, and safest ways I have discovered to making life easier. It is my desire to share these sacred tools with enough people so that this way of co-existing can become a new living standard that stands the test of time.

Schedule with me today if you’d like to get clarity on the things in your life that you’d like to change. We’ll work together on creating a more ease-filled path to abundance together!

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