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People are complicated. Our bodies are our interface for the mind-body-spirit complex, and the tactile information we receive through our bodies helps or hinders us along our path.


Sometimes we have emotional, physical or spiritual wounding that needs to be unwound in layers which is exactly why such variety is offered here - every session is fully customized in the moment.


Schedule what you think will be most useful right now and we can go from there. :) 


Access Bars is a hands-on energetic modality that gently touches 32 points on the head. When these points are touched, it allows you to release anything blocking your ability to receive.


Access Bars are great for relieving anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and mental clutter to name just a few ways getting your Bars run can benefit you. 

These sessions are not available as distance sessions. 



The human body is an electrical system with positive and negatively charged particles. Every experience you have ever had is stored in every cell in your body. Electricity runs through channels, or meridians, in the body and can sometimes become blocked due to mental, physical, or emotional stress or injury. Simply put, energy work is connecting with the body in a way that allows the nervous system to let go of stress or blockages along the electrical pathways. Once the electrical channels are open the body naturally balances which can result in more mental clarity, or reduction in chronic pain. 


Listed below are some of the more common reasons people seek sessions with Roxanne.
Reach out i
f you desire more from life and are ready to take charge and create a new story for yourself.



  • mental clarity

  • life hack strategies

  • reconnect the body-mind connection

  • make space for change 

  • nervous system regulation

  • increased vitality

  • mental, emotional, or spiritual flexibility

Boulder, Colorado Laramie, Wyoming


Boulder, Colorado
Laramie, Wyoming

Online Appointments Available


In-Person Appointments Available


Fill out this form to get ahold of Roxanne. Please include the desired location, and reason for connecting.  

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