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Let's Connect!


Thank you for stopping by! Here are some of the most common reasons to reach out:  ​

  • You have identified at least one problem or area to change (regardless of service).

  • You would like to discuss how working with Roxanne can benefit your specific problems

  • You have a complicated injury history and you are not sure where the best place to start with Roxanne’s services would be.

  • You are ready to challenge yourself by committing to your personal growth no matter what!


Once you have established that you are ready to proceed forward, take the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit the form below listing current problems and questions.

  2. I will contact you at the phone number you provide so that we can schedule a private zoom meeting or phone call. If you do not hear from me within 3 business days that means that I have not seen your inquiry, please call or text my business number 720-541-9403 and we will schedule from there.

  3. Once we are on the call, we will do a deeper dive into your questions and begin customizing your personalized journey together by going over how my programs work on an individual level, policies, agreements, and setting up your payment information. Having a card on file is required for the 24-hour cancelation policy.

  4. If you are a new client, payment is taken in-full at time of booking, otherwise I cannot hold the session for you. 


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