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  • Become an Access Bars Practitioner with this 8 hr certification class!

    Starts Dec 19

    350 US dollars

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  • Become an Access Bars Practitioner with this 8 hr certification class!

    Starts Dec 27

    350 US dollars

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Massage is expensive which can be stressful. Finding the right Massage Therapist (MT) for you can be just as stressful!


 These sessions are priced extra low to provide you with a hassle-free sample of Roxanne's work. If you feel it is not a good fit long-term, then you have not lost out on much. If you like Roxanne's style, great! Welcome to the club, lets change the world together! :) 


Reduce stress, relax, and rejuvenate with one of the many massage techniques available. 


Swedish Massage for relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage for gently moving the lymph when it is stagnant, or after surgery, and Trigger Point or Myofascial Release techniques can all be used interchangeably throughout the session based on your body's needs the day of the session. 


Regular sports massage sessions can help you increase your range of motion in the joints, improve body awareness, and are a great addition to self-care routines and maintaining optimal performance levels. These sessions help identify imbalances before they become a problem or can assist with recovery when an imbalance turns into a chronic issue - regardless of what age you may be.

Athletic shorts and shirts (sports bras for females) should be worn for these sessions as you'll likely be getting on, and off the table for assessments, and movement. Adults are required to be present with anyone under the age of 18.  


Balancing your Access Bars involves gently touching 32 points on your head which, when activated, allow you to release anything that is blocking your ability to receive. All of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and considerations you have stored up. By opening up these points and facilitating more consciousness, you will have more capacity to be totally aware and present in all aspects of your life. It's about unlocking the boundaries you have set up for yourself and letting them go, becoming more successful, happy, and fulfilled in everything you do. Great for relieving anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and mind clutter.