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Roxanne Solomon

Don’t let stress interfere with your plans - schedule your first session with Sentient Healing today and work with Roxanne to discover more about your truest potential!  

The pressures of modern living tend to create mental cloudiness and pain in the body. We often can't see where the problems started, and we unconsciously fall into the habit of putting other things as higher priorities in our lives over ourselves. This is a safe place to allow your nervous system to unwind so you can increase your body-mind connection and live your best life!

The goal with each client is to assist them with reducing stress or pain (or both), to help them understand how and why issues have occurred, and to provide tools everyone can use to build strength physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Roxanne has studied a wide variety of modalities for the purpose of helping her clients stress less and understand their body-mind connection better. Creating more internal resources with self reduces dependency on external resources thereby increasing productivity as a natural side-effect.

Visit the Contact page to schedule a Clinical Hypnotherapy consultation or Bodywork session today.  


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything." ~Lao Tzu
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Tel: 720-541-9403

It's easy to listen to your body when you're ready to hear what it has to say.
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